Tips For Lasting Lipstick

Tips For Lasting Lipstick

Eating and drinking resulting lipstick on your lips is not durable. As a result, you have to repeatedly daub lipstick on the lips in order to see the face still looks "magnificent". You want the lipstick to last longer? No need to daub lipstick repeatedly. Well, these are the perfect solutions for your problems!

1. Exfoliation
Rub your lips with a toothbrush. This is an effective way to remove the remaining dead skin cells on the skin of the lips.

2. Moisturizing
Apply lip balm evenly on the lips before lipstick. This will help moisturize the lips.

3. Give the edge lines
Use lip liner to outline the edge of the lips. This trick will allow you to daub lipstick on the lips.

4. Apply lipstick
Apply your favorite lipstick. Remove lipstick with a tissue and repeat the process until you get the desired color density level.

5. Give powder
Pat your lips gently with a little transulescent powder. It is an effective way to preserve the color of lipstick on your lips.


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